1. 5 for 5

    I’ve about rounded out my first week of living in a real home where I have to be independent and cook for myself. I moved into my humble Rosemary abode on Monday afternoon and was so excited to finally have a house! Since coming to Mizzou, I’ve only lived in a residence hall and my sorority house, 2 places that, while I’ve had an amazing time in both of them, don’t really allow you the freedoms of normal 21-year-old life. So for the first time ever, I was overly enthused to be living on my own and be able to set my own rules for once.

    But since moving in, this week has been laughable at best. I’m hoping that I’m screwing everything up now so the rest of the summer goes smoothly, but I’d just like to recount all the things that happened in regards to my living situation this week.

    1. Tuesday, the first full day of living in my home. I left for work early that morning, locked my door behind me and put my key into my pocket. I walked over to Jesse Hall and sat in the Tour Team office for a few hours, then last-minute got put on a tour. So I gave a tour to a few families, then was off to the pool! After the pool, I walked back to east campus only to find that my key was no longer in my pocket. Or my wallet. Or my bag. Or anywhere. In a panic, I headed straight back to the Tour Team office and searched everywhere. No key. So I decided I should call some of the buildings I took my tour through earlier. The first logical place I started was the student center. I called the info desk and asked if someone had turned in a small gold key and, to my disbelief, they had! I ran over to the student center, picked up the key and headed back home. Triumphantly, I marched up the steps to my door, pulled out the key and…attempted to put it in the lock. But it didn’t fit. It was not my key. I started to walk across the street to the house where a bunch of my sorority sisters live, but as I got to the street, I heard my door opening. Luckily, the girl who I’m subleasing from had come back to get a few things. Even more lucky was that there was a spare key upstairs that I could make a copy of! Yay! Except one problem: the key specifically said “DO NOT DUPLICATE.” Are you freaking kidding me? Really? I call the landlord who tells me that I can, in fact, duplicate it IF I go to the locksmith he used. He would duplicate it for me. So I call this locksmith and have to wait another hour until he got back to his office and could copy the key. Finally, 2 hours and $2 later, I had a key. Needless to say, I have the key permanently attached to my car key ring. Issue resolved.

    2. Thursday night. I got home late with Helena and we were having a sleepover in my room for the night. Because I am extremely paranoid, I always lock the exterior door to my house, but since nobody else is in the house with me right now, I’ve been locking my personal bedroom door at night, too. I have a totally irrational fear that someone will break in and murder me at night, I don’t know why. Anyways, we get home Thursday night and I’m trying to shut my door and lock it but, of course, it’s broken. A screw was loose in the door jamb and it wouldn’t shut. Luckily, my handyman skills came in handy and once I borrowed a screwdriver, I fixed it. So now I have a brand new house key and a functioning, locking door. I’ll consider these to be 2 wins for me.

    3. Friday. After getting off work at 5, I was hungry. Eating is a whole other obstacle for this week because for the first time, I don’t have someone making me food. It’s not that I can’t cook, I’m pretty proficient at it, but I don’t do it regularly. Now I have to do it every day for every meal. So I decide to make some mac n cheese for dinner, but realized I don’t have butter. Oh well, no matter, butter isn’t THAT big of a deal, I’ll just add a little more milk as my friends advised me. Then I realized that I don’t have a measuring cup, so how am I supposed to know how much 1/4 cup of milk is? I don’t. So I just sorta poured some in. Long story short: now I know how much milk is too much. Also notable that today I found a 1/4 measuring cup in a drawer about 30 minutes ago. Awesome.

    4. Saturday. I got up bright and early for the Girls on the Run 5k and got back home around 10 am to hear an annoying single beep about every 15 seconds. My instinct was to assume that it was a smoke alarm with a dead battery, so I start walking around the huge empty house to find out where the noise is coming from. I finally find a carbon monoxide detector plugged into a wall in a closet upstairs and that’s where the beeping is coming from. I checked the detector and it’s flashing a red light that says “Alarm - Move to Fresh Air” on it. Wonderful! I’m living in a bubble of carbon monoxide! I wasn’t sure if I should call the landlord or go straight to the fire department. I decided to try my landlord yet again, who referred me to the fire department. So I got the pleasure of calling to CoMo fire department this morning. The man was extremely nice and, with his help, we discovered that it just happened to be a low battery. Excellent. Something I probably could have figured out if I read the fine print on the back. But I guess it’s better safe than sorry, right?

    Aside from these bigger incidents, I’ve also had a few other inconveniences. For example, I don’t have queen bedding quite yet…it’s on my to-do list. So I slept on top of a comforter with a blanket all week. I also don’t have curtains in my room, which, I discovered later, has been convenient for my fraternity guy neighbors across the street. Hope they enjoyed that. Additionally, I have no straightener because I used to use Caity’s when we lived together, but she’s home for the summer. So that’s another fun obstacle. College life at its finest, right?

    I’ve deemed it a miracle that I’ve made it through this first week of independent living. I think it’s pretty clear that at this point in life, I am not fit to live on my own. Or without other people at least. Eventually I’ll have roommates who move in, sometime in the next few weeks. But for now, it’s me, myself and my huge, empty, creepy at night house.

    Despite all these things, though, I am in love with Columbia in the summer. I’ve had so much fun just working and doing whatever I want. I went to the pool 4 days in a row. I lie in bed and watch movies. I take naps. I can enjoy a cold beverage in the comfort of my own home. I watch Gossip Girl shamelessly for 5 hours. Never have I ever had the time or ability to do these things and it’s awesome. Even though it would seem like I’d be crying after half of those problems happened, none of it’s bothered me at all. I just sorta go with the flow and figure out solutions to the problems. It must be the summertime laziness that’s gotten into me, but nothing stresses me out. Hopefully after this first week’s test-run of living alone, I’ve got all the kinks worked out. I’m sure other problems will come my way, but it’s almost fun and definitely makes for some fond memories of that first summer I lived by myself.